Master Your Practice!


An original coaching exercise by Dr. Marilyn Atkinson, PhD.

An Easy Stateline

First give 'very difficult' a color, and 'easy, relaxed and capable' a color. Ask inward, and take whatever color appears for each. See a line in front of you starting from your body and stretching out before you into the future. Your 'Easy, Capable' future then, is in front of you at 10 out of 10, perhaps 10 paces away.

Allow the wonderful color of 'Easy, Relaxed and Capable' to shine in front of you, and hallucinate it like an atmosphere filling up the space at the end of the line. The color of very difficult is somewhere behind you at number one. Now step on the line around level two to four and take a step towards your very 'Easy' future. Check your body, and notice the shift in the feelings and the relaxation level as you assess your experience moving forward.

Now with any task or learning you know that there will be some practice necessary to really move to the end of the line that is totally 'Easy, Relaxed and Capable'. However, you have probably had some 'tastes of Easy', either in your work or somewhere else; so gently, move yourself forward to the area of 'Easy and Capable' that you know as your own territory in some key areas of your life. Find where on the line that you trust 'somewhat easier' is available to you now.

By now, you may be experiencing at least a bit of the color of 'Easy', the atmosphere of 'Easy', and notice, thereby, a different balance, dance and feel to this Easy self development process. Notice you can really move easily towards capable and easy; feel relaxed as you do so. It is fine to just play a bit with this, developing and becoming familiar with the feeling of ease.

Notice that where you are standing on the line right now is probably a conservative assessment of your abilities. Test this by moving up one more point, maybe a step or two toward 10/10 'Easy'. Do you have an inner sense of 'OK' or even 'Yes'? Do you sense that this inner sense is ground you can truly begin to claim?

If so, claim it! Give yourself this one point. Unconsciously, this is yours. As you do so allow yourself the inner rhythms and natural self-talk that go with having taken this ground. Be pleased with yourself, and celebrate your capacity to trust yourself!

Now, ask as well, is there any commitment to your values that could allow you to move, trustfully, even a little further forward; even beyond this point? If you find an inner sense of this commitment, then once again explore stepping another point towards your 'Easy, Relaxed and Capable' future. You have earned it!

As a final step, ease into the inner awareness that the state of Ease you are now feeling truly belongs to you. Sense it from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, a gift from your own inner awareness of your true capabilities. This 'Easy' assumption is one where you can find true inner agreement. Accept it. Memorize it. Keep it. It's yours.


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