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Publisert mandag 2. januar 2012, av CoachMagasinet, i Verktøykasse

It's happened to us all, especially when we're starting out: We freeze in a coaching session and literally can't think what to ask or say next. The great thing in coaching of course is that we don't have to know what to say next – in fact it's often better if we don't...

5 Catch-all Questions To Ask When You Freeze and Can’t Think What To Say Next!

So, here are 5 catch-all questions to get you moving:

1. What would be the best question I could ask you now? (implies there are many questions and asks for the best one)

2. If you secretly knew the way forward from here, what would it be? (open-ended question assuming there is a way forward AND that they may already know it!)

3. If you were coaching yourself, what would you ask yourself now? (gets them into a coaching frame of mind to find a powerful question!)

4. What question do YOU think I should ask you now? (a constructive use of the word ‘should’ to get to the nub of the issue)

5. I don’t know where to go next with this. Where would you go? (sometimes honesty is the best policy!)

Watch out for: It’s easy to make the situation worse when we freeze by judging ourselves and letting our inner critic beat us up for our ‘failure’ to stay on top of the session. This only creates a vicious circle where we take ourselves even further away from dancing in the moment with our client!

The Trick: Is to take a deep breath and ask a question which asks the client to show you the next steps. Trust the coaching process – and trust your client to know what’s best for them!

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