Innovations in NLP: For Challenging Times

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This book is a collection of models and tools written by key innovators in the field of neuro-linguistic programming. It covers a range of recent significant developments in the field. The book is the outcome of the effort and vision of two of the most respected and dedicated individuals working in NLP today, Michael Hall and Shelly Rose Charvet.


For those of you who have not discovered neuro-linguistic programming yet, it is a therapeutic approach which examines the deeper structure of human behaviour and has developed a set of explicit models, application and tools derived from this approach.

Part I covers the way in which NLP has enhanced other applications such as coaching, business leadership, research, attitudes or mind sets to physical illness and management. It looks at a number of innovative models such as Meta-States by Michael Hall where he explores the structure of these complex layer states. These higher states are not simply primary states, but richly textured states that involve the most unique kind of consciousness that we have for our self- reflective awareness. Shelly Rose Charvet deals with LAB Profiles, decoding language and behaviour to improve communication between people. Charvet argues that if you pay attention to the language and behaviour of yourself and others you can gain great insight into what motivates them, how they think and how they make decisions. Another section focuses on Social Panoramas: how to change unconscious landscapes to improve relationships written by Lucas Derks. This is based on the NLP sub-modality parts. This model rests on the concept of parts and personifications. It demonstrates how space is more than just another sub-modality but is rather at the very heart of cognitions. It brings to light a large part of our unconscious mind that is focused on social calculations.

Part 11 outlines innovative applications on a variety of subjects and there appears to something for everyone. How to develop a coaching mind set, the secrets of entrepreneurial leadership, improvisation and humour in therapy, overcoming addictions, using NLP in the holistic treatment of cancer, managing change in business and overcoming stuttering and achieving fluency are all discussed.

A part III presents innovative computer tools that can be applied towards development. The first is the identity compass which deals with mapping Meta programmes for business success. The second is MPA MindSonar tools for coaching, team building, personal management and marketing and also Meta programmes to improve emotional intelligence. The third is job-related: EQ profiling, assessing personality and reaching personal goals and objectives.

Part IV deals with Innovative Communities. These are communities (i.e. the clean community) which is made up of individuals and companies who have developed a code of conduct, of clean approaches for personal and professional development. They collaborate and like to learn by doing and also adhere to clean language and mutual respect. There is a Lab profiling community and a neuro-semantic community, all made a lot easier now with the internet and Skype. There is also a chapter on research and recognition for NLP.

This is a beautifully produced book, easy to read and it has a great variety of material in it. As an NLP practitioner and trainer I will be using this as a resource in the future. I would recommend this book to any NLP practitioner or any therapists interested in extending their skills.

Innovations in NLP: For Challenging Times
Vol 1 By Hall, Michael. L. & Charvet, Shelly. R. Eds.

ISBN 9781845907341 £1 5.49.

Reviewed by Dr. Helena Schlindwein Ph.D. FNCP INLPTA, Fidelity The Journal of the National Council of Psychotherapists Spring, 2012

Dr Helena Schlindwein Ph.D. FNCP INLPTA, Fidelity The Journal of the National Council of Psychotherapists Spring, 2012

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