15 Ways to Turn I Don't Know into an Aha Moment!

Publisert fredag 7. juni 2013, av CoachMagasinet, i Verktøykasse

Often when our clients say “I don’t know”, they really do know – they’re just unwilling to acknowledge or face the answer. If it was was easy to say aloud they would have done so. There can be many reasons for the “I don’t know”, but if we trust our instincts and explore gently – we may just be rewarded with an Aha moment!

There are any number of reasons for that, “I don’t know” – but most of them are probably a fear of the consequences of stating that answer aloud. Maybe it means they will need to acknowledge some change is needed in their lives (they might have to quit their job) or maybe they don’t trust US enough yet and are afraid what we will think. It could be that they’re afraid what their inner critic will say to their answer (don’t be such a baby!).

They may not want to disappoint us (I’m not ready to take that step). Perhaps their logical, rational side thinks their answer is ridiculous, childish or immature (she won’t like me any more). Perhaps if they say the answer out loud they’ll have to face something unpleasant (have that difficult conversation with their boss/partner). Or maybe it’s something else…
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